Kirk Franklin, Jaci Velazquez and Take 6, 7day Adventists?

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Kirk Franklin, Jaci Velazquez and Take 6, 7day Adventists?

Post by ezequiel » Tue Apr 17, 2007 11:01 am

I found an article in the web, that say that Kirk Franklin are or in a pased time he was Adventist:
Kirk Franklin is one of the leading figures in contemporary Christian Gospel music. He is well known as a proponent and spokesman of both Gospel Music and Protestant Christianity. Many people are unaware of his background as a Seventh-day Adventist, the denomination he was a part of early in his musical career, but is no longer active in.

Jaci velazquez too, and Take 6

You can see more here:

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Post by Edward » Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:15 am

7th day Adventists in my neck of the woods have tried to distance themselves from the corny past. They do believe some fruity things, but nothing that is any fruitier than what the "joy boys" teach, with their "Jesus wants you rich", and "if you are sick you are sinning" message.

There are now charasmatic SDAs, contemporary and traditional service SDAs.

According to some apologists the SDAs and mainline Christians have differences, but not essential Christian doctrine differences. I don't buy that myself.

As far as what Christian artists are, this is a big pandora's box. The beloved Rich Mullens told the radio audience while interviewed on KXOJ in Tulsa, that he was studying catholicism under Brennan, and was being confirmed. Brennan is a new-age, charasmatic catholic, who fought alcoholism while in the pulpit. Crazy.

There are some Buddhists in Christian music.

There are some neo-nazis in Christian music.

There are some outright unsaved, don't claim to be, people in Christian music.

There are many Word of Faith cult people in Christian music. In fact, I think that they are driving the boat.

Phil Keaggy is a Catholic, as is Don Fransisco.

At some point, you have to agree on what you can agree on in the music and leave the other stuff out. As long as the tunes line up with the Word, and you get what you need out of it, then so be it. None of us will agree with everything artists say.

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Post by charl » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:42 pm

I knew Prince was a JW, but had never heard of him being Seventh Day Adventist-He must have gotten around. It's kind of interesting that they list the more notorious SDA's as well. How many churches do that?

Wait they also have Busta Rhymes to their credit?!?!?!?

These days, the Seventh Day Adventists tend to fall into two groups. That is, some will still strictly adhere to their distinctives while others have moved closer to mainstream Christianity.

However if someone like Kirk Franklin is a former Seventh Day Adventist, I'm not entirely sure that is relevant. I don't see it as cause for condemnation anyway. If so I was baptized in the United Church of Canada! WAAAY worse than the SDA's.
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